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Cooking Water Purifier(Water Filter)

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  • MaterialABS, PC

[Keosan Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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[ Features ]

Neo is direct connecting type tap water filter system with duplicate filter, compact designed water purifier system. 

1. Excellent Performance     
    The water which passed through the minute ceramic structure of 0.2 – 1 micron and
    carbon block filter become good water having     the water molecules smaller with fresh

2. Convenience    
    Easy to set up and convenient to use. Either of purified water or raw tap water may be 
    selected to fit the use.

3. Economic Value     
    The filter cleaning and duplicated with a filter cartridge may be repeatedly used with 
     a replacement individually.

4. Compact Design  
    Differently from other water purifiers, it has excellent purifying effect with compact
    design only, and simple to set up and use anywhere.

5. Portability  
    It's useful in leisure culture. You can carry it in your long trip, for simple set up and safe

[ Filter Composition ]

1. Carbon Block Filter

Unique product in the world which is patented with high-tech, it blends natural raw materials into one at high pressure and temperature.It filters all impurities such as chlorine, carcinogenic, bacteria, color, unpleasant odors chemical,  heavy metals, etc, and yet retains all the good minerals and good taste. When the life-span is up replace it immediately for the best results. Manganese removal agent filtersManganese perfectly, too.

2. Ceramic Filter

Plasticized at high temperature, 1,300℃ by a bio-ceramic high-tech, which is natural inorganic material, removes pathogenic organism, sediments, rusts, dregs, germs, perfectly. It is repeated used by removing the pollutants on the filter surface through simple cleaning
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