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Mineral Water Purifier(Natural Gravity Water Filter)

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  • MaterialABS, PC

[Keosan Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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[ Features ]

1. Convenience     
    Just fill with tap water or underground water, and you get healthful mineral water.

2. Savings     
    Save from having to buy bottled water and save cost.  

3. Good Taste     
    With chlorine and other impurities removed and minerals added, you can
    taste difference.  
    No more unpleasant odors in your drinking water but cool and refreshing. 

4. Easy to maintain     
    Keosan mineral water system comes complete with all part to last about 6-12 months
    without any maintenance. 

5. Capacity : 5L

[ Coposition ] 

1. Micro Sponge filer    
    Remove sediments up to 1㎛ for water with high sediments content. 

  * [Optional] Dome Ceramic filter     
     Remove micro sediments from 0.2㎛ to 1㎛.

2. Cartridge Filter  
    1) Removes chlorine, THMS, organic chemicals, unpleasant odors, color, heavy metals
        and acid components.  
    2) Makes water soft.   
    3) Makes water taste good.   
    4) Releases rich Minerals. 

3. Mineral Stone 
  * Silver Impregnated Stone(Option)    
     It continuously releases ionized minerals, controls germs in the water and makes
     water fresh after filtration.